3 things to make your weekend better

As we hit the weekend, I wanted to leave you with something that will make your environment better… more fun, more peace… less drama and triggered tempers.

Plus, you’ll feel great!

Gratitude is the holy grail of human emotion.
(I love Indiana Jones)

I’ve learned how important it is to slow down, breathe and count my blessings. Doesn’t mean I don’t forget or mess it up in my humanness, because I do.

I found a watch that helps with being more present in the moment. And I’m using a ring that measures bio activity so I can tell where I am on the spectrum of being strong, mentally and physically, and use whatever advice works for me to improve.

Heading into the weekend, I know how crazy schedules can be. We just finished 4 days of travel volleyball for my almost-17-year-old daughter. Can you believe these people have tournaments during work weeks?

To add some strength and calm to your vibe, whether you’re busy or not, I want you to try something with me.

Think about 3 things in your life.

Things such a big deal to you that if they were gone by Monday morning when you wake up, your life would be fundamentally different than it is this evening.

Imagine waking up this coming Monday morning and going about your routine. What are 3 things you wouldn’t want to consider living without. They don’t have to be deep, just valuable to you.

Bear Lake, Idaho • May 2023

I’ll go first –

  1. my wife & kids (immediate family counts as 1 thing)
  2. the health of my body (🍕 – it’s Friday and happiness is good for you 😉
  3. knowing why I’m alive, my purpose – the point of my life

Okay, your turn. I’ll wait.

Now that you have yours, simply spend some time just considering them in your mind, being thankful, thanking God if you’re there with your faith.

Just sit in a few moments allowing your heart’s gratitude to have its moment. If it’s a significant other, stare at them and remember why you fell for them in the first place.

[My wife is 42 but I can still see the 16 year old who trusted me enough to hang around, which she probably shouldn’t have done if she’d had any judgment, but I’m glad she did!]

That’s it.

Being intentional about feeling grateful, in your body, will exponentially magnify your experience.

I invite you to give it serious focus, even if only for a few minutes at a time – your close friends and fam will appreciate it. Most importantly they’ll feel it… even it’s just about your Stanley mug or guys’ night out.

If you want some fun free help, grab time with me on the phone adamkasix (dot) com​.

Be true…


Ps. Max mental benefit if you write them down (try dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror!), even in your favorite notes app helps.

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